10 New Years Eve Hairstyles For Any Type Of Party

New Years Eve is fast approaching and if your like me you are likely scrambling to decide what you want to wear and even more, what you are going to do with your hair and makeup.  After sifting through photos for inspiration for myself, I decided, I would put something together for you all in case you are looking for inspirations for yourself.  In this blog post, I’m sharing 10 New Years Eve Hairstyles For Any Type Of Party.  These 10 styles can be worn whether you are going for a casual vibe, or getting all decked out.

10 New Years Eve Hairstyles For Any Type Of Party

Photo:  Stylecaster.com

Sleek & Smooth

If you’re pressed for time, and really don’t feel like fussing with your hair, why not go for a very sleek and smooth style.  It’s a very easy style to do, and looks very classic and polished.  Start by blowdrying your hair using a smoothing product.  I love Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Serum, it not only helps smooth and polish your hair, but it add loads of shine and reduces your drying time.  Which is a bonus in and of itself wouldn’t you say?  Either a deep side part or a center part works for this style.  Just be sure that your part is super clean.  Since you are wearing your hair super sleek and straight the part will be very noticeable if it is not perfect.  A rat tail comb with help you get the cleanest part.

10 New Years Eve Hairstyles For Any Type Of Party

Photo:  Shay Mitchell By: @brydieBeauty

If you haven’t invested in a quality professional smoothing iron at this point in your life, Im being serious when I say this is something you will definitely want to invest in.  Not only are they better for your hair, but they also make the job of smoothing out your hair so much faster and easier.  If your looking for a recommendation, try the Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth.

Sleek High Ponytail

Since we are on the subject of sleek and smooth, another option is a sleek high ponytail.  Follow the same steps as above for prepping your hair, then secure your hair into a high ponytail.  A good rule of thumb is if you drew a line from your cheek bone straight up, that is where high ponytail is most complementary for your features.  Is your ponytail a little skinny and short?  Not to worry, stop off at Sally Beauty or your favorite wig store and purchase a ponytail extension to add drama to your New Years Eve style.

10 New Years Eve Hairstyles For Any Type Of Party

Photo:  Elle Fanning By: Getty Images


Accessories always add a nice statement to an otherwise simple hairstyle.  You can use a decorative broach, or even pick up some accessories from Target or Sally Beauty if you don’t already have something.  Anything from pins, to ribbons and bows will work, and you will be amazed at how they can dress up even the simplest of styles.  Pictured here, a necklace is used to decorate a bun hairstyles.  Simply secure the necklace with your hair and wrap it with the bun you are creating.

10 New Years Eve Hairstyles For Any Type Of Party

Top Knot

You really can never go wrong with a top knot or chignon perched high on top of your crown.  What is great about a top knot or chignon, is that it can be created on sleek and polished hair , or you can keep a bit of texture in your hair and allow it to feel more lived in.  A top knot is a great option because it literally takes 10 minutes to create if time is not on your side, then this may be the style you choose.

10 New Years Eve Hairstyles For Any Type Of Party

Wet Hair Trend

We’re still seeing the wet hair trend being worn for special occasion hair.  This style looks great if you will be wearing a blazer, or even with a nice cocktail dress or gown.  The easiest way to create this style, is to comb a gel through your hair while it is dry and either direct it all back and away from the face or create the style using a part.  Just be sure that you don’t comb the gel though to the ends of the hair.  Allow the ends to be worn dry and styled, and keep the top from the roots to your ears more wet looking.  A great product to create this style is Iles Formula Finishing Serum.  It creates the wet texture you need for this style.

10 New Years Eve Hairstyles For Any Type Of Party

Beachy Waves

If you don’t feel like styling your hair into an updo, but you still want it to look like you spent some time on it, then beach waves or curls are a great choice.  Side part, center part, it really doesn’t matter, that is totally up to you.  Be sure to use a Texturizing Spray to create separation within the curls.  I love Jen Atkins Texturizing Hairspray from her haircare brand Ouai. You’ll be obsessed over the smell too.  Spray it throughout your hair and give your hair a shake and you will see the texture just come to life.

10 New Years Eve Hairstyles For Any Type Of Party

Photo:  Chrissy Teigen

Short Bob Styles

If your hair is shorter or a bob and you are wondering what to do with your hair for NYE, I love the way this cut is styled to add a bit of personality.  A deep side part paired with super straight ends is the perfect combination.  Use your smoothing iron to slightly kick out the ends of your bangs to make the style more interesting.

10 New Years Eve Hairstyles For Any Type Of Party

Faux Bob

If you want to wear a bob for NYE but your not ready to cut your hair, thats easy, all you have to do is wear a faux bob.  It’s super easy to create and here is how to do it.  First, create texture in your hair or curls, whichever you prefer.  Then, secure your hair into a ponytail where you want the length to sit.  Then tuck the hair under and use some bobby pins to secure your hair underneath.

10 New Years Eve Hairstyles For Any Type Of Party

Twists Or Braids

Add some personality to your hairstyle this NYE by adding in some twists or braids.  If you aren’t savvy with this type of styling, a quick tutorial on You tube is all you need to get you through.  Whenever you are braiding or twisting, be sure to use a product that will help hold the hair while braiding it and allow for more control.  We love Iles Formula Finishing Serum for this type of styling.

10 New Years Eve Hairstyles For Any Type Of Party

Loose And Bouncy Ponytail

Finally, you can always go for a simple loose and bouncy ponytail.  This style works well if you curl or set your hair with hot rollers first.  This will create a beautiful bounce.  Tease the hair in the crown area to get some lift.  You can either direct all of your hair back, or leave down some bits around the face for detail. Whichever you choose, this easy to do style will have you out the door super fast.

10 New Years Eve Hairstyles For Any Type Of Party

Which of these styles are your favorite?  I hope this inspiration blog has helped you pick your hairstyles for NYE 2018.  Im looking forward to seeing all of your NYE selfies.  Be sure to tag me in @hairby_daniellevaliente.

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