BEAUTY HACKS 2Being a hairstylist, I’m always discussing styling at home options with my clients.  Sometimes, some women mention they do not even own curling irons to use for styling at home.  So what happens if you don’t own a curling iron and you want to add curl to your hair?  Now what?  Well fortunately, there is a hack that will leave you with beautiful bouncy curls.

Check out my 2nd Beauty Hacks video where I share this pretty simple trick how to curl your hair with just 2 items:  A Smoothing Iron and yes I’m gonna say it, Aluminum Foil.  It actually really works. Its Ideal for medium length hair.

Check out the video, and give it a try.  Let me know in the comments how you did.  If you have already tried this Hack, let me know in the comments how it worked for you.  Be sure to save your foils and reuse them next time, so we are good to the environment!

Here are the Step By Steps:


Aluminim Foil (Cut into Large Squares, and folded in half)

Paul Mitchell Smoothing Iron


Finishing Spray


1.)  Take a 1 inch section of hair in the front, and using 2 fingers, point the fingers downward and then wrap the hair away from the face around your fingers.

2).  Slide the wrapped hair off of your fingers and take a folded foil.  Open the foil and place the hair flat into the foil.  It helps to separate and open the foils prior to wrapping the hair.  It just makes it easier to pick up and use.

3.)  Fold both sides of the foil and make a pocket.

4.)  Take your smoothing iron and tap tap tap it on the foil to heat it up.  Should be hot to touch.

5.)  Let it cool.  Before letting go of the packet, be sure its not too hot to touch your face.

6.)  Complete the entire head and then remove all of the foils.

7.)  Brush out or use your fingers to separate the curls and finish with your favorite finishing spray.

***Note:  If you want larger curls, use larger sections, if you want smaller curls, use smaller sections than the 1 inch.  Its ideal for medium length hair, long hair could be too heavy and fall from the foil.

Check out the video example below:


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