Curly Hair Tips That No One Tells You About

When it comes to curly hair, it seems like most people just assume that because you have had curly hair your whole life, that must mean that you are pretty much a pro at caring for it… For many of you, that couldn’t be further from the truth, am I right?  If you have curly hair, chances are you have had a love/hate relationship with your curls since you were old enough to realize that curls have a mind of their own. A few weeks ago, I posted a question to my social media pages asking what challenges you all deal with most when it comes to your curls. We pretty much broke the internet with how many comments you all shared.  I am planning out some tutorial for you, but its a big project so it may take some time, so be patient with me.  In the meantime though, I thought I’d drop you a few quick Curly Hair Tips That No One Tells You About, in hopes they will help you with some of your biggest challenges.

Curly Hair Tips That No One Tells You About


Use Old T-Shirts To Dry Your Hair

I love this tip, because we all have old t-shirts laying around the house that we aren’t using anymore.  Use old t-shirts to dry your hair instead of a towel starting immediately.  Believe it or not, towels tend to make your hair frizzy, so if you are experiencing frizz and you dry your hair with a towel when you wash it, you might want to try this tip.  Sure, you can use the ever popular microfiber towels, which are  great, but sometimes its not in the budget to buy those. An old t-shirt is a budget friendly way to dry your curls.  A soft t-shirt like those made from Hanes are the perfect softness, and I’m sure you have tons of those around the house.  Here is a LINK in case you don’t.

Curly Hair Tips That No One Tells You About


Proper Product Applciation

Proper product application is huge when it comes to whether or not your curls are going to “work” for you.  Im going to break this down into two parts.  First, it’s super important to get your products into your hair while it is still quite wet.  If your hair has started drying before you have applied your products, then it is not getting the benefits of the control that the products will do for your curls.  So just re-saturate your hair if it has started drying at all before applying your products.  Be sure to add a few drops of a hydrating conditioner to your water mixture, this will help keep your curls hydrated.  I love Iles Formula Conditioner, as curly hair really loves this product.

Curly Hair Tips That No One Tells You About

Curly Hair Tips That No One Tells You About

The next part of product application that is a game changer when it comes to your curls, is what you use to style, and tame your curls as well as how you apply the products.  First things first, you should know that it’s not one size fits all when it comes to your products.  You will need to create a custom cocktail of products specifically suitable to your curls and the needs of your curls.  For example, if your    curls tend to be dry and frizzy, you will need products that hydrate and control frizz.  This may take a bit of trial and error, or a recommendation from a curly hair specialist.  Just because a product says it hydrates, it could be too heavy or too light for your hair type.  So playing around is important.

Next, be sure you are applying the product evenly throughout your hair.  Start out sectioning your hair at the bottom and work your way up section by section.  This will ensure all of the hair has been properly and evenly saturated with product.  This will result in better control of your curls.  I will dive deeper into product selection in a later post as it can be very detailed because of so many different curl types and textures.

Curly Hair Tips That No One Tells You About

Have Your Hair Cut Specific To Wearing It Curly

Many hairstylists will tell you that curly and straight hair can be cut the same way.  This isn’t really true.  Let me throw out a disclaimer and say, in some instances this can work, but at the end of day, the cut will be curated specially for your curl type, texture, bone structure and features.  In my experiences, I have found that cutting hair specific to wearing it curly is a MUST when it comes to the performance of curls.  If your hairstylist is not experienced with cutting curly hair, and I don’t mean just saying they are, I mean being a specialist at curly haircutting, then it may be time to find a new hairstylist.  This could be a major reason why your curls challenge you so much.  A proper curly hair cut, will provide you with a beautiful shape, suitable to your features, and curls that have bounce and movement.

For men, a lot of these same principles will hold true, just apply the tips and techniques to fit the type of hair you have.  Coming soon I will dig a bit deeper into styling men’s curly hair also.

Curly Hair Tips That No One Tells You About Curly Hair Tips That No One Tells You About Curly Hair Tips That No One Tells You About


Use A Diffuser

Ok, so there will be some controversy on whether or not you should use a diffuser over drying naturally.  Again, this is not a one size fits all situation.  Allowing the hair to air dry has a lot of benefits, but so does diffusing.  Both will provide similar results, but here are the differences.  Using a diffuser speeds up the process of drying, which can be very helpful in colder climates.  It also allows you to create volume in your hair if you feel like you aren’t getting enough volume from allowing it to dry naturally.

With that being said, understanding how to properly diffuse your hair is a must.  My specific tips and tricks will be available in my upcoming tutorials that I will be releasing, but if you need some immediate help you can find some temporary tutorials online that may get you by until I release my techniques.  A big tip:  Use a chopstick instead of your fingers to feed your hair into the diffuser.  This will help eliminate frizz.

Curly Hair Tips That No One Tells You About

Dealing With Tangles

One of the biggest challenges you guys told me you faced besides frizz, was dealing with tangles.  I know this can be super frustrating because you can’t exactly comb or brush your hair if you have curls because it will completely ruin the curls and you will have to start over.  Here are some tips for dealing with your tangles that should help.  First, you have to make sure you are having your hair cut very regularly with curly hair.  If you ends get dry, they need to be cut.  A regular haircut should happen every 6 weeks, so if you are going longer than this, this could be why your hair is tangling.

Next, be sure you are doing regular deep conditioning treatments.  The type of deep conditioner or mask will vary based on the needs and type of curly hair you have.  Regular deep conditioning treatments will also keep your hair from tangling as much.

If you are already doing both of these, and you haven’t tried trouble shooting with changing up your products, then there are ways to detangle without having to completely start over with a full style.  Use  your water with conditioner mixture or a detangling spray, and lightly spray it onto the areas of challenge.  Use your fingers gently to work out some of the tangles.  Then, use a restyling mist Like Paul Mitchell’s Boomerang Restyling Mist, which is a fave of mine for waking up your curls.  You’ll have to play around with this as you may be able to just let your hair air dry from here.  If it feels a little too wet, a quick shot from the diffuser will be helpful.

Curly Hair Tips That No One Tells You About


What About The Areas That Don’t Dry Curly?

This tends to be a big complaint for many with curly hair.  If you have areas of your curls that are straighter than the rest of your hair, the quick fix is to hit those sections when your hair is dry with a curling iron.  I know, you’re probably thinking “I don’t really want to be curling my hair”.  Well, you should only have to hit the straight spots with the iron, and the good news is they will stay that way for a few days.  This is also a great tip for when you have slept on your hair and you wake up with areas that have lost the curl.  Just a quick touch up is all it takes.  Try to find an iron that matches your curl size and wrap the hair around the iron instead of placing it into the clamp and twisting the iron.  I like the NEURO Unclipped Small Styling Cone for mimicking natural curls.

Curly Hair Tips That No One Tells You About


Those are just a handful of the many tips for styling curly hair.  Which is your favorite tip?  Let me know in the comments below.  Be sure to subscribe to my blog to get these helpful posts delivered right to you personally.


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