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When I was 19 years old, I lost my very young, 40 year old mother to breast cancer.  Although I had an understanding of what breast cancer was, I really didn’t fully understand the disease. I didn’t fully understand that my mother carried a gene that she inherited from her mother.  That two of her sisters also inherited and also had breast cancer.  I never thought that one day my younger sister would inherit the gene mutation, and also be diagnosed with breast cancer at 38 years old.

At this point in my life, i have not been tested for the gene yet, but this is my immediate goal.  Its scary to think that this could also be passed on to me, and our nieces.  I would be lying if i said this didn’t make me fearful.  It actually scares the shit out of me.  So much that I put off doing it all last year because I was so nervous about it.

As 2016 approached us, i decided this year was not about career for me.  This year was about health and wellness and family.  Ive worked very hard achieving all of my career goals and feel very blessed to have had the opportunities that i have been gifted.  My drive is something that I will never let go.  But this year, for 2016, I have decided that I want to do everything possible to make sure that I am treating my body the best that I can.  We owe that to ourselves, its the least we can do.

When it comes to health and wellness i often hear people say, I don’t have the will power, or I would never stick to it, or i enjoy eating those foods or drinking those drinks, or I can’t afford to eat that way.   By all means,  i totally agree, i have felt that way in the past too.  Until this last year that is.  The entire 2015 and part of 2016 I watched my 38 year old sister battle breast cancer.  I very quickly realized that yes food and living healthy can be expensive, but have you had the chance to price the cost of fighting a disease?

This was the last straw for me.  I finally had come to the point where what I put in and on my body, and getting regular exercise/yoga becomes my number 1 priority.  Does this guarantee I won’t have the gene mutation or end up with Breast Cancer or any other disease, absolutely not.  After all, we all end up facing health issues at some point in our lives right?  Im very realistic, but I also know that the better I treat me, the better off I will be.

So, on February 1st of this year, i decided to go on a journey that I had no idea of what to expect.  I started a 28 day Clean Eating and Detox Challenge.  All I knew, was what my friend who shared it with me told me.  That I would lose weight, have tons of energy, have no food cravings, and remove toxins from my system.  I did my research of course before committing, and decided this would be a good fit for me.




Im not gonna lie, I was feeling a little skeptical.  Not because I didn’t believe in the product, but because I didn’t really believe in myself.  I had started things in the past, and never finished.  I always gave up early when it came to my health.  I was never a quitter when it came to my career, but when it came to my health i quit everything i started most of the time.  That is when a little light bulb went off, and I had a thought.  As hard as it was to reach my career goals, I never gave up.  I always just kept going and pushed myself passed all of the adversity. This mindset, has allowed me to reach goals I never imagined.  So if i could do it with my career, I could certainly do it with my health.  That is when the passion and journey began.

So there I was, day 1 of this 28 day journey.  I learned a lot about myself throughout the 28 days, particularly in regards to my relationship with food and beverages I just never imagined I could live without.  I felt like I was grieving about the loss of coffee as if it was a loved one I would never see again.  What it was though, was the relationship to the coffee that I missed.  The trips to the coffee shop, the meeting with friends for a cup of “coffee”.  The daily routine of my car on auto pilot driving to my favorite coffee place to start my day with the community there. I learned that I can still do this, but that I needed it to be something I treated myself to, and not relied on to get my day going.  That what my body really relied on to get my day going, is a probiotic, and a cup of detox tea, followed by a morning walk in my neighborhood.  Then treating myself to a vegan protein smoothie that is nourishing and satisfying as I’m on my way out the door to go to work or run errands.  I learned that healthy snacks of Berries, or green apples with almond butter, or almonds, or even a cage free organic hard boiled egg left me feeling way more satisfied than a bag of Lays Potato Chips, or a Pumpkin Bread from Starbucks.  (I love the pumpkin bread at Starbucks though).

Most importantly, I realized that I needed to commit to this mindset for 28 days, and allow myself the opportunity to let these new behaviors become a habit.  At the end of the 28 days, I  still felt that I personally needed a little more commitment time to this new way of thinking when it comes to food.  So, I decided to do it for another 28 days.  I had a bunch of family and friends who had reached out to me and signed up to do the cleanse,  and I figured I would just do it again with them.

Here I am, 2 days into the last week of this cleanse and as I look back and reflect on the last two months I have this to say:  I do not regret it at all, I never thought about what i spent on the kit and thought it was a waste of money, it has taught me so much, and has prepared me to make better choices.  I feel amazing, have so much energy, and have lost 12 pounds so far. That stubborn weight I have been trying to get off for several years.  The truth is, i don’t want to go back to eating poorly.  Does this mean i will never have pizza again, probably not, i love pizza.  But I know how i feel after I eat it and that is enough for me to only have it on occasion.

During this cleanse, I also was referred to an Herbal Coffee called Dandy Blend that I have actually really come to enjoy.  So rather than having regular coffee every morning I will continue drinking my Dandy Blend, and save the real coffee cheat for my Iced Honey Almond Milk Latte that I love so much.

We all have some changes and goals for how we want to look and feel.  Are you or anyone you know interested in changing the way you feel, or ready to lose some stubborn weight, or remove toxic build up from your system?  If so, reach out to me, my email address is: and I would be more than thrilled to share everything with you.

As I close, think about 2016.  Now that the New Years Resolutions have come and gone, what are you doing for your health and wellness this year.  Have you stuck with your goals, or lost your mojo?  Its never too late to start over again.  You owe it to YOURSELF!

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