Is This The Smartest Brush In The World?

Smart phones, Smart cars, Smart Watches, what will come next?  A Smart Brush?  Yep, you heard that right, a Smart Brush!  The Kerastase Hair Coach powered by Withings.  Is this the smartest brush in the world?  I think so.  Lets have a peek at what this futuristic hair brush has to offer.


Photo Source:  Brand

Advanced Sensors

Advanced sensors?  What, on a brush?  Yes the brush has advanced sensors that has the ability to score the quality of the hair and monitor the effect of different hair routines. Has your jaw dropped yet?  I know right?  How in the world does it do that your probably asking?


Photo Source:  Brand

Well, I’m sure you could totally guess I would say this next.  The brush comes with a corresponding app for your smart phone that allows you to check in an get a glimpse at how well you are treating your hair and your hair care routine. From there, it will make suggestions for which haircare products it recommends for what your hair needs. The brush runs on batteries.

You are probably wondering how on earth can a brush do all of this just from monitoring how you brush your hair?

The brand explains that there is a sensor that works with an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a microphone.  These combined are able to identify the patterns to which you are brushing, including how hard you are brushing and your brushing rhythm.  Get this, its so smart, that it is even able to determine whether or not you are brushing your hair wet or dry.

If that isn’t enough, the brush will measure the damage to your hair cuticle and give you a daily breakage score.

What is the price?  Not really sure yet but there are mentions that it will retail for under 200 dollars.  When does it dome out?  That is unknown, but in the meantime, I will be over here keeping my eyes and ears glued, cause you all know I will be getting one of these beauties!

Until then, here is a video about the brush for your curiosity.

Who else is totally all about this?  Sound off in the comments below?  Shoot me a social medial shout @daniellevaliente.  See you beauties soon!





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