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I know what you may be thinking…Mother’s Day is right around the corner and you are wondering what to get the woman who has done so much for you.  Really, like how can you ever repay her for all she has done for you? Right?

There is no amount of money or gifts that can even compare to the love and support our mothers give to us.  However,  showing them how much they mean to us is a start and a great way to celebrate our mothers on this special day.

So often, people are at a loss for what to give to their mothers on Mother’s Day.  I have put together a list of some of my favorites ideas to hopefully help you decide on the perfect gift.

Here are some Favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas:




What about a Spa Day?  Nothing tells mom how much you care than treating her to a day at the spa.  If your on a budget and can’t treat her to an entire day, maybe just one service.  The good news is, that even if you only treat her to one service, she still gets to spend the whole day there if she wants to.  Just relaxing in some peace and quiet time.  Check out some of your local Spas, and give her this awesome Health and Wellness gift.  She will feel super special!



The fit bit, what a great way to show your appreciation for Mom.  The ever popular Fit Bit can be purchased at any Best Buy or even Target, or straight from the Fit Bit website.  Even Amazon sells the Fit Bit.  This is a great Health & Wellness gift for Mom, you will be treating her for the day, but inspiring her for a lifetime.  Even better, you can customize the band with all sorts of designs.




Here’s a great idea, give Mom the gift of Herbal Tea.  Such an easy gift, but she will get to enjoy and think of you every morning when she is sipping on her morning blend.  Kusmi Tea, has designed such a beautiful way to present their tea.  Who wouldn’t want a cup of this?  Check out their website to see all of their offerings.



RE9 Anti Aging Skincare

Moms of all ages get excited about reversing the signs of aging.  The Arbonne RE9 Anti Aging skincare system provides instant results that last.  Most women don’t think they need all of these steps, until they start doing it.  Quickly you realize the difference between caring for your skin and not.  If Mom isn’t the type to invest in these types of products but likes them, then this may be the perfect gift for her.  Pure Safe & Beneficial for the skin, so Mom will feel good about putting it on her skin.,1285,199.aspx



Flowers are ALWAYS a good idea.  Nothing is more satisfying than a bouquet of flowers so fragrant you can smell them when you walk into the room.  Show mom you care with a beautiful floral arrangement and personalized message letting her know just how much she means to you.  Nowadays you can order flowers and have them delivered right online.



How about a makeover for Mom?  Sometimes mom’s don’t pamper themselves at the salon.  Talk to your hairstylist or find a local hair salon in your Mother’s area and set her up to go into the salon and receive the gift of being made over.  Being a Hairstylist, I get to do these makeovers often, and nothing is more rewarding than seeing the look on someone’s face when you have just made them feel amazing with a new cut and color.  Trust me on this one!

So, here are some of my favorite ideas for treating Mom like a Queen.  She deserves it.  Think about all she has done, she is always so selfless, putting her children before EVERYTHING.  She deserves to feel pampered and spoiled.

Share with me in the comments some ideas you have for the perfect Mother’s Day gift.  What did you get your Mom?

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