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If it is possible to have a crush on hair, this is definitely one to have. This Runway Rope Braid is a perfect style for the warmer weather. We’ve got you covered on all details to create this look.

Twist Braid Post

Clear Elastics~

Paul Mitchell Slick Works Gel~

Oribe Foundation Mist~

YS Park 339 Ruby Red Comb~

YS Park Shark Clips~


  • Using your comb, divide the hair into two equal size sections by drawing a line from the front to the back hairline. You should have two ponytails.

  • Mist hair lightly using Oribe Foundation Mist and comb through the hair.

  • Apply Paul Mitchell Slick Works evenly and comb through the sections.

  • Take out a triangle section on top of the head and clip that away along with the two bottom ponytails.

  • Next, let down the clipped triangle and Divide it in half and twist the sections tightly toward the center. (So the left will twist right and the right will twist left). As you complete one twist, combine it with the corresponding ponytail and secure with a Clear Elastic at the base of your head. Repeat on the other side.

  • Next, divide the first ponytail in half and create a rope braid. This is achieved by twisting the left half 2 times, then twist the right half 2 times, then twist the left twist over the right twist 1 time. Repeat this process until the braid is complete and then secure with another clear elastic tucking the ends back to hide them. Tip: Be sure to twist tightly.

  • Repeat on the other ponytail.

That’s it!


This is a perfect keep cool style that’s easy to do, give it a try and let us know how you did.

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