Sporty Hairstyles For Working Out

Health and Wellness has become a top priority for most these days.  Yoga, Strength Training, Spin Classes, Pilates and everything in between.  Realistically,  when we go to workout our priority really is not how we look.   But, lets face it, we all love our Lululemon yoga pants, or how we feel when our workout style slays.  Its like our workout superpowers right ladies?  So why should our hair be any different?  Of course we don’t want a full face of makeup or our hair done like we are going to Happy Hour, but these Sporty Hairstyles will have you looking and feeling good while at your favorite workout.sporty-hairstyles-for-exercise

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Sporty Hairstyles #1 The Bubble Pony

There are many Sporty Hairstyles that you can wear to workout.  One of my favorites is the Bubble Pony.  What you will need to create this style is a fabric elastic and some clear elastics, a dressing brush, a comb, and maybe a small bit of hairspray if you like to smooth the fly aways.  I kind of dig the fly aways because you get a more lived in look, but the choice is yours.  Using your dressing brush, secure the ponytail tightly with your fabric elastic, in line with the ears.  After you have done that, take your comb and gently back comb from the ponytail to about an inch or two down.  Then, secure with a clear elastic.  Repeat these steps until you get to the bottom where you will secure one last time.  Its an easy way to make sure your ponytail is not basic.


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Sporty Hairstyles #2 The Half Up Half Down

This style is always a good idea, especially if you are the type that can workout with your hair down.  Its playful, but still sporty and looks super effortless.  To create this style all you will need is your fingers and a clear or fabric elastic.  Section out with your fingers, a U shaped parting right at the top of your head.  Secure at the back but still on top with your elastic.  Placing it more on top of your head will give the wispy bits on top.  Then using your fingers, just pull down a couple pieces around the face to soften the look.


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Sporty Hairstyles #3 The Messy Chignon

This is one of the Sporty Hairstyles that seems to be a favorite for most.  Its easy and quick to do and always looks good, while keeping your hair out of the way. You will need an elastic and a few bobby pins.  Simply secure your hair into a low ponytail and then wrap the hair around the ponytail to create a messy bun.  Then use the hair pins to secure the ponytail around the circle of the bun.  Simple and super cute.


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#4 The French Braided Ponytail

This style is definitely a fave!  Its a cross between a French Braid and a Ponytail.  It offers the best of both.  All you need is a couple of elastics.  French braid your hair about halfway down your head and stop there and secure with an elastic.  Then braid the remaining hair in the ponytail and secure with another elastic.  Love this concept, it definitely is sporty but has a cool twist on the typical braid or ponytail.


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Sporty Hairstyles #5 The French Braid

Of course there is always the regular French Braid.  You can never go wrong with a french braid.  It looks great, stays while your working out, and if you have to run out of the workout in a pinch theres a super simple solution.  Take a quick body shower and don’t wash your hair.  Just take it down from the braid, use a little bit of dry shampoo and rake through the waves with your fingers,  and rock the cool waves the braid creates.  Go from sporty to sexy in the blink of an eye.

Are you feeling like you want to try any of these cool Sporty Hairstyles?  Which one is your fave?  Let me know in the comments and give it a try.  If you do, I want to see it!  share your selfie with me.  @daniellevaliente on Instagram.  #SportyHairstyles


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