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The bob hairstyle is a classic that was here 20 years ago and will be here for 20 more.  Right now the long bob is the “Must Have” style.  Are you dying to have this cut, but have been growing out your hair for two years and aren’t ready to take the plunge?  Well this is the perfect opportunity to give the bob a test drive.

Here is a list of Must Haves to create this style:


Paul Mitchell Neuro Dry & Wand :

RSession Tease Comb :

Serge Normant Instant Volumizing Spray :

Bobby Pins & Hair Ties


1.)  Begin with a good blow-dry style, and use your curling want to create curls or waves.  If you want a more defined curl, take smaller sections, and for a loose wave, take larger sections.

2.)  Secure hair into a low and loose ponytail.  Let the front naturally fall out.  This allows the hair to fall loosely creating a bob feel.

3.)  Roll the ends of the ponytail under and use bobby pins to secure underneath.  This hides the ponytail.

4.)  Take a teasing comb and gently tease the crown area to create a bit of volume.

4.)  Spray a volumizing hairspray to finish and hold the style.

Thats it!  What do you think?  Whats great about this no commitment style is you get wear a Faux version of the hottest hair trend today, and be back to your long hair tomorrow.  Give it a try and sound off in the comments to let me know how you did.

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