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Don’t throw away those crimpers just yet.  Especially if you have been holding onto them since the 80’s.  Im loving these random crimped bits I came across on the web (http://stiler.hu/a-kreppelt-haj-visszater), and it is definitely a MUST try.  The trick is to keep it simple.  Less is more if you will.  One thin section right around the face on your heavier part and one or two other small randomly placed bits is all you need.

Want to fancy up a simple ponytail?  Follow the same steps after you have secured the ponytail and get this perfect ponytail must.  Crimp random sections on both sides, then secure a low or high ponytail.  Just like that you have created a ponytail thats worth talking about.  4-Le-Fashion-Blog-Hair-Inspiration-Crimped-Ponytails-Stella-McCartney-SS-2015-Red-Head-Ponytail-Via-Vogue-UKImage Credit:  Lefashion.com

Give it a shot and have some fun with it.  Tell me what you think, and what you want to see more of here on my blog.  Leave your comments below and don’t forget to subscribe for more how to’s directly to your inbox.



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