Why Cant My Hairstylist Give Me The Color In The Photo???




Ladies, ladies, ladies…

As a hairstylist of 20 years, I think this is an important subject that should be shared with all women.  So please feel free to pass this along, share, tag in your bff, hashtag, whatever you need to do to share this message.

 From a hairstylists perspective, I want to take the time to help the ladies of the world understand why your hair is sometimes not able to achieve the color in the “Inspiration Photo”.  So here goes…

You walk into your favorite salon, with a “Hair Goal” photo you found on #pinterest.  One of the first thoughts that goes through your stylists mind, is whether or not the tones in the photo are actually a good fit for your skin tone.  Hair color definitely is not a one size fits all kind of deal. So just because you love the color in the photo does not mean that its the right tones for you.   At that point you will probably discuss whether or not the tones will be complimentary for your skin tones.  If not, he/she will likely make suggestions for a better fit.

As the consultation continues, they will likely want to know what has been on your hair for the last 5 years, if they are not the ones who have been coloring it.  Once you free up the information of whats been on your hair, (Don’t lie, it only makes matters worse), the stylist will begin to assess the following:

What color(s) have been on the hair in the last 5 yrs?

What is condition of the hair?  The elasticity and porosity?

Where are you starting and where are you trying to go?

This information is important for them to determine if the photo you are showing them, will even be doable in 1 visit.  In addition, if it is doable, will the cost be within your budget.

More than likely, if you are going for a drastic color change, especially lighter, and have been coloring your hair previously for a long time, there is a good chance it will take more than 1 visit to achieve your desired color.  The reason,  is because its important to protect the integrity of the hair in the process of achieving your “Must Have” color goal.

But there’s more… Even if the tones in the photo are a perfect fit for your skin tone, it does not always mean you will get exactly whats in the photo for your color when its all said and done. So many people ask why?  We are often able to come close, but there are so many factors that go into the finished color.  The first and most important reason is dependent on whats been on your hair?  If your hair has been colored over and over with dark permanent hair color, the process for removing that color can be lengthy and difficult.  That hair will go through several stages of lightening, and some of those stages can be less than desirable tones.  Unfortunately, to stay within the safe zone of coloring, meaning you don’t end up with broken hair, you must stop at that point.  That point, could sometimes be a color of blonde that is very undesirable.  To make it desirable it will need to be toned and during that process you may end up with a tone that is not an exact match of the photo.  This does not mean you will not ever get there, but it just means that the health of the hair is more important than achieving the color and having breakage.  Also, what you started with, and what the model in the picture started with, are most likely two totally different scenarios, so there will always be somewhat of a difference between your hair and the photo.

Placement of color and the type of hair you have is also a determining factor.  For example, if you have curly hair, a color placement that would work on straight fine hair, might barely be visible in your hair.  So there are so many factors that can change how the same hair color placement will look on different hair types.

So be patient, know that with time, you will get there.  Trust your hairstylist, and their knowledge to get you to your hair goal.  Know that it is a goal, and a goal is something that is met over time with patience and commitment.  You will get there ladies!

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